About Jane F French LLC

Jane French Freelance Writer

Are you behind schedule or unsure how to proceed?

Let's talk! With a wide range of experience in project management, I know how to meet deadlines. An expert listener, I research, write, and edit business and organization blogs, articles, UX content, grant narratives, print and web copy. 

Subcontract? Love to! I also write essays, memorials, nonfiction, and flash fiction. An avid reader, I'm a lifelong learner. 

Jane French Writer, Chicago in April

Other relevant experience:

Appointed to the Naperville Senior Task Force in 2014, I've served as transportation chair, researching unmet needs and options for seniors without access to vehicles or drivers. Out of this, I became a founding board member of the nonprofit, Ride Assist Naperville, and now volunteer as its website and scheduling application manager. 

Working with the city, I coordinated a reboot of the Senior Task Force newsletter, Our Voice, connecting seniors and families with services and initiatives that enhance quality of life.

A caregiver for family members, I advocate on issues regarding this growing segment of our population. Remember, we're all seniors-in-training - people don't get old because they've done something wrong!